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Chocolate Factory

Our factory & store features our products and state-of-the-art chocolate process.

Cacao Source

Our Farms

Pioneers in sustainable agroforestry, each farm produces the highest quality cacao imaginable.

- Cooperative Agricola Mixta de Tomé Açu (CAMTA), Pará

- Fazendas Reunidas Vale do Juliana, Bahia


Conservation Efforts

Reserva Serra Bonita

A private natural heritage reserve we are expanding through the acquisition and stewardship of deforested and vulnerable land.

We’ve partnered with Instituto Uiraçu, a cutting-edge conservation initiative, to make our vision a reality.


Rainforest Destruction

Atlantic and Amazon Rainforests

97% of the Atlantic Forest’s original 325 million acre cover is gone.

The Amazon lost nearly 20% of its forest cover over the past several decades.


Rainforest Today

Nature reserves and sustainable agroforestry are beacons of hope for Earth’s ailing rainforests.

The recent emergency of a family of the apex predator Harpy Eagle (one of our namesakes) at Reserva Serra Bonita is a sign that ecological restoration is more than a dream.