Harper Macaw’s Chocolate 101 class will introduce you to the chocolate-making process. From the cacao trees in Brazil, where we source our beans, to the process of chocolate making once our beans arrive at our factory in DC.

We’ll go over the process in single origin chocolate, with an in-depth overview of the farms’ practices and what matters in the cacao production process to give us the exquisite chocolate flavors we look for at Harper Macaw.

Participants will learn about the ingredients and the chocolate making process during a brief tour in our production area. We’ll finish with a guided chocolate tasting where you will be able to experience the wonders of fine quality chocolate.  

Classes will be held at our new location: 2920 M ST NW, WASHINGTON DC, 20007. 

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Take a free behind the scenes glimpse of chocolate production in our factory space. 

Making chocolate is a magical experience that we are passionate about at Harper Macaw! We make all of our chocolate right here in our new Georgetown factory and cafe.  Led by one of our chocolate makers, you will get to see the roaster, melanger, and tempering equipment in action. And yes, we will be tasting the cocoa beans along the way as they turn into chocolate. 

Production Tours: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 1 pm. No need to sign up.



Harper Macaw now offers an Introduction to Chocolate Making for Kids. In this hands on class, children will get the opportunity to learn about where chocolate comes from, see, touch, smell and taste different parts of the chocolate making process as well as sample a variety of different flavored bars. Finally, they’ll take a look at our production area to see it all in action!

A ticket is required only for the kids attending the class. One adult is required to attend with their child/children and does not need to pay for the ticket. A ticket is required for any additional adult you want to add to your party.

Recommended for ages 5-12. 


Private events can be scheduled by emailing