A private class and tasting is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. 

Harper Macaw’s Chocolate 101 class will introduce you to the chocolate-making process. From the cacao trees in Brazil, where we source our beans, to the process of chocolate making once our beans arrive at our factory in DC.

We’ll go over the process in single origin chocolate, with an in-depth overview of the farms’ practices and what matters in the cacao production process to give us the exquisite chocolate flavors we look for at Harper Macaw.

Participants will learn about the ingredients and the process in each type of chocolate.

We’ll finish with a guided chocolate tasting where you will be able to experience the wonders of fine quality chocolate.   

Private Chocolate 101 classes can be scheduled by emailing There is a minimum of 10 people per class.


Tours are temporarily suspended as we're moving the factory to a new location in the city. Stay tuned!


 Our pop-up boutique at the District Wharf is now closed. Thanks so much to our loyal chocolate fans who came from near and far to check out our retail space.

But not to fear! Exciting news for chocolate lovers in DC is coming soon! Stay tuned!