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Harper Macaw is a fine chocolate venture founded by a Brazilian chocolate maker and a U.S. Marine Veteran with an ambitious yet tangible objective:

To turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation.

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The delicate cacao plant is dependent on healthy rainforest for its quality and survival, and in turn, tens of millions of people across the world rely on producing cacao for their livelihoods.


We travel to all of our sources and get to know their practices intimately. We purchase beans directly to ensure farms are compensated for their extra attention to detail. We pay premiums that are on average double the market rate and 15 times Fair Trade premiums.


Fine cacao is far from a commodity. Our producers are at the avant-garde of cacao agroforestry, with crop maintenance and pre and post-harvest practices that not only yield tremendous quality but are both environmentally and economically sustainable.


More than just an indulgence, chocolate in its finest form is an edible work of art. Meticulously crafted in our Washington, D.C. factory, our chocolate is imbued with a distinctive Brazilian flavor profile.

Precision And Process

State-of-the-art tech and traditional European methods develop chocolate with delectable flavor, aroma, and texture. Our chocolate is made from purely cocoa and cane sugar (our milk chocolates contain milk, of course). We let our beans tell their story.


Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, one of Earth’s top biodiversity hotbeds, is over 90% gone. At Harper Macaw we see the potential for cacao agroforestry and private reserves to facilitate large-scale tropical reforestation, and we’re thrilled to actualize this vision.

How It Works

Every Harper Macaw product restores and protects deforested or vulnerable rainforest in northeast Brazil. Through partnerships with Instituto Uiraçu, American Bird Conservancy, and Rainforest Trust, we reinvest in the expansion of Reserva Serra Bonita, a cutting-edge rainforest conservation initiative.

Why It's Important

It’s Earth’s second most threatened terrestrial biome and its richest zone is also the focal point of Brazil’s cacao industry. Without dramatic efforts to restore the Atlantic Forest, there may not be future for Brazil’s cacao economy and the region’s vast biodiversity. Innovative approaches in cacao and chocolate can turn the tide.


Click on the icons to learn more about our cacao sources and conservation efforts.


Chocolate Factory

Our factory & store features our products and state-of-the-art chocolate process.

Cacao Source

Our Farms

Pioneers in sustainable agroforestry, each farm produces the highest quality cacao imaginable.

- Cooperative Agricola Mixta de Tomé Açu (CAMTA), Pará

- Fazendas Reunidas Vale do Juliana, Bahia

Conservation Efforts

Reserva Serra Bonita

A private natural heritage reserve we are expanding through the acquisition and stewardship of deforested and vulnerable land.

We’ve partnered with Instituto Uiraçu, a cutting-edge conservation initiative, to make our vision a reality.

Rainforest Destruction

Atlantic and Amazon Rainforests

97% of the Atlantic Forest’s original 325 million acre cover is gone.

The Amazon lost nearly 20% of its forest cover over the past several decades.

Rainforest Today

Nature reserves and sustainable agroforestry are beacons of hope for Earth’s ailing rainforests.

The recent emergency of a family of the apex predator Harpy Eagle (one of our namesakes) at Reserva Serra Bonita is a sign that ecological restoration is more than a dream.



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Pure Brazilian Dark Blend, 80%



Pure Brazilian Dark Blend, 80%



Pure Brazilian Dark Blend, 80%