The Ultimate Holiday Chocolate Recipe Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Chocolate Recipe Guide

Holiday Chocolate Recipe

We have seen over a dozen Holiday Gift Guides out there this winter. Therefore, instead of adding more items to your already confused train of thoughts, we decided instead to give you a little help with choosing your desserts for this holiday season. Here are four extraordinary recipes for you to hone your mad chocolate scientist skills over the winter - all from award winning blogs and tested by members of yours truly Harper Macaw team.    

  1. Peppermint hot chocolate - because the holidays just aren't the holidays without it.

For outstanding performance, use Harper Macaw's 77% Amazon chocolate

  1. Chocolate orange biscotti - because it is deceiving: it looks harder than it actually is to make and because it will have your guests believing you are a kitchen rock-star!

For unforgettable moments, use Harper Macaw's 74% Rainforest chocolate (cut out the cocoa powder and add 4 ounces of chocolate instead of 3)

  1. Chocolate hazelnut cake with vanilla frosting - because simplicity is more often than not, underrated.

For that pop that brightens the simple, use Harper Macaw's 67% Dark Blend Chocolate

  1. Chocolate, cherries, pecans and cashew blondies - because the holidays don't always need to stay traditional.

To make the cherries pop, use Harper Macaw's 52% dark milk blend chocolate

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