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Bite Me: A Pairing Menu of Local Provisions & Concoctions

January 27, 2016
Sarah Hartman

Indulge your senses while enjoying some local DC love. Curated and hosted by Harper Macaw, DC's new chocolate factory in Northeast, this incredibly unique collaboration pairing of local eats and drinks includes 15 local makers and purveyors in a 4 course fixed pairing menu.


Local purveyors include Atlas Brew Works, Baku Beverage, Capital Kambucha, Compass Coffee, Dangerously Delicious Pies, DC Brau, Element [Shrub], Gordy's Pickle Jar, Harper Macaw, Leonora Bakery (Northside Social), On Rye, Pie Sisters, Red Apron, True Tonics, Sona Creamery, and wines provided by Schneider's of Capitol Hill.



Milk chocolate - Harper Macaw

Cranberry Hibiscus Spritzer - Element [Shrub]

First Course

Cheese tasting - Sona Creamery & Righteous Cheese

Charcuterie - Red Apron

Bread - LeoNora Bakery

Pickles - Gordy's Pickles

Beer - Saison de Brett, Atlas Brew Works

Kombucha - Capital Kombucha

Second Course

Crab Cheddar Quiche - Dangerously Delicious Pies

Country Tomato Pie - Pie Sisters

Seasonal Soup - Farm to Feast

Roasted pear, pecan & arugula salad - Element [Shrub] & Spartan Oil

Beer - Alpha Domina Mellis, DC Brau Brewing Company

Tea - Baku Beverage

Third Course

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse - Harper Macaw

Babka - On Rye

Grenadine Sparkling Wine Cocktail - TRUE Syrups & Garnishes

Coffee - Compass Coffee

Grand Finale

Chocolate Tasting & Wine Pairing  - Harper Macaw & Schneider's


This event is not restricted to couples. Groups and singles are welcome. Tickets are listed as per person, so be sure to select the correct number of tickets.


Early Bird: The first 20 tickets to each event are $85 instead of $100!

Event 1: Friday, February 12th at 7:00PM

Event 2: Sunday, February 14th at 3:00PM

Event 3: Sunday, February 14th at 7:00PM


Guests must be 21+ Please bring a government issued form of ID; we will be verifying age upon entry.


Whenever possible, we suggest guests arrive and depart via ride share services such as Lyft, Uber, or taxi. Public transportation to the factory is limited to bus lines from the Rhode Island and Brookland Metro stops.  Guest parking is available at the factory and at neighboring retail parking lots. If you drive please drink alcohol in moderation.


Get your tickets here!



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Pure Brazilian Dark Blend, 80%



Pure Brazilian Dark Blend, 80%